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Moab 2016


Moab is one of the best places on the face of the earth for me. The red rocks, the solitude, the adventures, the vistas, the memories of trips past.

V ery few places hold a spot in my heart like Moab (and really most of the red rock south west, if I’m honest). I love everything about it, and would trade it in a second for the snowy, wooded, fickle Colorado mountains if I could. So when a buddy of mine threw out a comment that we should hit Moab for a mountain bike vacation, I jumped all over it.

Me and five buddies rented a house just outside of downtown Moab and called it our home for a week in October 2016. There was some post-ride debauchery to be had, and lots of sore muscles and dirty bikes. Over the course of those 7 days, we would descend 21,262 feet, climb 12,723 feet, and ride 113 miles. Not bad in my book!

We stopped in Fruita, CO on the way down for a quick 13 mile sample of some of the Kokopelli system trails. We did Mary’s, Horsethief Bench, and Kokopelli Trail. If you look close, you’ll see those guys across the canyon.

Posing while another rider kindly snapped our photo while the Hymasa, Amasaback, Pot Hole trail system.

PSA: Turns out there is no pot in the hole, and it’s too small to ride out of.

How can you not take this shot? This was somewhere along the 28 mile descent of The Whole Enchilada trail system.

We didn’t die, and the bikes made it, but it was still a sketchy rumble up to our 10,600’ drop off point in the La Sal Mountains.

Look! We’re about to get our asses kicked riding down this mountain later!

The Guerrilla Gravity Trail Pistol looking pimp with a huge cliff drop off behind.

This was our high point on The Whole Enchilada… 11,200’ Burro Pass. I’m not gonna lie, this short 1,000’ climb kicked my ass at that elevation.

Here’s Eric perched on a ledge at the top of Hymasa Trail.

The Magnificent 7 (Mag 7) is a ride composed of a series of trails: Bull Run, a bit of Gemini Road, Arth's Corner, Little Canyon, Gold Bar ST and upper Gold Bar Rim, Golden Spike, the north end of Poison Spider, and the Portal Trail. Shown here is start of the infamous Portal Trail.

The Gold Bar Rim was really the star of the Mag 7 ride.

The GG Trail Pistol, again looking super fly on top of Gold Bar Rim.

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